Myths about cleaning products for aluminium windows and doors

Although aluminium doesn’t require high maintenance, it can start to get dirty over time, just like other materials. From aluminium doors to windows, it is possible to have them looking their best on every occasion. As long as you are picking the right products, upkeep can be easy peasy. To learn about the biggest myths on cleaning products, keep reading this article!

Do you want to make the most out of your aluminium windows? Then, perhaps it is time you stop looking in every nook and cranny for cleaning products. You might have been told that using products that you have stored at the back of your kitchen drawer work, but sadly, they do not. Products such as abrasives – cream cleaners, acids, alkalis may give the impression that they can help with dirt, stains, or tarnish, but the long-term damage that aluminium gets from them can be unchangeable. The harshness of these products causes the powder coating (paint) to wear off or even dissolve and that’s why you should be careful when deciding what to use for cleaning. Home products that you use for one thing are not necessarily beneficial for your doors or windows. After all, dirty aluminium is easily treatable, but damaged aluminum not so much!

Now that you know what you shouldn’t be using, lets dive in what you should be using. Any pH neutral products can help you maintain aluminium surfaces easily. Mild detergents such as washing up liquids are highly beneficial when it comes to maintaining. All you need to upkeep your aluminium doors and windows finish is make sure you are cleaning the outer parts, as well as the inner parts thoroughly. Likewise, you should make sure you’re caring enough for the paint finish as well. Taking care of aluminium doors and windows in your homes, not only ensures that they last longer, but also helps maintain their warranty in its entirety. At the end of the day, you might even use some of the products in your kitchen drawer.

Now, that we already know what to use and what to avoid, the last step is understanding the importance of proper aluminium maintenance. Taking care of aluminium prevents dirt accumulation, whilst contributing to how it looks and boosting its durability. With the right methods and the right products, everyone can do it at home. And if you can’t, MPM’s got you covered.

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