Signs that your aluminum windows and doors require professional maintenance

Aluminium windows and doors are known for their ease of maintenance and durability. In due time, however, aluminium may get damaged to the point that professional maintenance is required. As damages may sometimes be ignored or tried to be treated by homeowners, the issues can get worse with time, making professional maintenance more challenging. Lucky for you, this article will help you identify notable signs that indicate the need for professional maintenance.

One of the most common difficulties that owners of aluminium windows experience happens with the window handles. In normal circumstances, when you open/close your windows, the handles operate smoothly without accompanying noise. However, if you notice grinding or scrunching whenever you are trying open or close your windows, then it is most likely damaged. When damaged, noise is noticeable on top of the rough movement of the handle that prevents the handle from operating smoothly. Although an at-home fix could help you temporarily in these cases, any intervention done by a non-professional could result in further damage of the window. To save yourself time and money, the right thing to do is to contact professional maintenance whenever you are experiencing the aforementioned issue. By happy chance, MPM is always one call away!

Whilst on the topic of opening and closing windows, have you ever had to push your window up so you could close it shut? Well…almost all of us have been there! We call this dropping, and it is yet another indicator of damage that requires more attention. As the name suggests, sometimes windows drop, instead of closing shut. Consequently, you may have tried to force it shut while pushing the window up before you close it, leading to even more damage. Likewise, difficulty to close the window shut can also be denoted by rubbing on the window keeps (the small metal components that your window mechanism locks into)This rubbing is an indicator rather than a cause of the issue and does not have anything to do with the handle itself. Although the gearings and fittings are what cause the handle to operate harshly, the keeps might damage the sides of the windows when you force the window to shut. Whenever this damage is visible, you must get in touch with professional maintenance as soon as possible. Although aluminium windows are crucial for every home, doors require just as much attention. When it comes to aluminium doors, a typical problem that many face includes the multi-point lock. In the case of multi-point lock doors, to lock the door, you must lift the handle before turning the key. As the lock does not work unless you push the handle all the way up, the key will not turn if the handle is not working. If, by chance, you try to force the handle up, the handle could break. As with the two previous signs, fixing such a problem at home will most likely be inefficient; ergo, professional maintenance is a must.

Maintaining aluminium does not only make windows and doors last longer, but it makes your home look better, too. As sometimes minor damages could easily lead to detrimental outcomes, professional maintenance is a wonderful addition to achieving your upkeep goals. Negative outcomes could easily be avoided by utilising professional help without delay. To make the most out of your aluminium windows and doors, make sure to contact MPM whenever damage is detected!

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