How often should you clean your windows?

Are you wondering whether you made the right decision to choose aluminium windows? Well, you most certainly did! Not only does aluminium resist external elements longer than most materials, but it is also eco-friendly and durable. To assure that aluminium in windows lives up to these and its other advantageous properties, one must make sure to clean their aluminium windows properly. Although it is simple, being cautious with cleaning procedures is a must. Too frequent or too rare procedures are not recommended. When in doubt, MPM’s got your back! Keep reading this article if you need a straightforward time guide for cleaning aluminium windows!

Like with many other elements, dirt and staining can also damage window surfaces. Therefore, both the glass and the frames need to be cleaned from time to time to prevent damage and protect the indoor air in your homes. Luckily, cleaning aluminium window surfaces is anything but a troublesome procedure. One must make sure, however, to keep a stable cleaning frequency. When it comes to glass, it is very easy to tell when it needs cleaning. As the material is transparent to visible light, dirt can be noticed without effort, letting one know that the window needs cleaning. If you are unsure or contemplating whether you are cleaning the glass either too often or too rarely, we recommend you do it monthly. Window frames, on the other hand, require different cleaning frequencies. Sometimes, people tend to overclean the inside of the frames, as many believe that the insides of the frames should be cleaned as often as the glass. Contrary to this belief, we recommend thoroughly cleaning the inside of the frames once every six months. Overall, to prevent window damage, we suggest sticking to a regular cleaning schedule for the glass and inside of the frames.

As stated, keeping your aluminium windows clean is very important for the aesthetic and for window functioning. But more important is to follow the right cleaning procedures to maintain quality. There are lots of cleaning products that many use without caring much. But did you know that cleaning products, like the cleaning frequency, are crucial to the window’s life? If you want your aluminum windows’ lifespan to last longer, then do not use abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals, or solvents on the aluminum frames. These products, at first, may seem that are helping a lot in making the windows crystal-clear, but the damage that those products cause are unimaginable, especially if used too often. As we previously discussed, glass should be cleaned approximately monthly, but even then, one must make sure to pick the right products. Occasionally, damage may look like dirt, which can be caused by harsh products or other outer factors. If ambiguous about dirt and damage, use your time, and make a careful examination to check which one it is. If damaged, it is suggested to call maintenance, who will help you keep your windows as good as new.

Following a regular cleaning schedule is very important to the lifecycle of the aluminium windows. Thus, you need to ensure that you are not cleaning them too often or rarely. In addition, be careful what cleaning products you use since some products, as mentioned above, tend to cause damage rather than benefit your windows’ longevity. If you need further information or assistance, make sure to contact MPM.


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