Why do windows get dirty after rain?

Did you ever get up in the morning just to see your windows all dirty from the rain? Well, unfortunately, rain is a quite common cause of dirty windows, especially in cities. When raindrops touch a window, they leave the dirt and dust on the window’s surface. And how does this happen? Keep reading this article to learn all about it!

To begin, windows may get dirty after rain due to air pollution. Air pollution is the introduction into the atmosphere of chemicals, particulates, and other materials that are typically harmful to the environment. But how can windows get dirty from air pollution you may wonder? Air pollution is mainly caused by liquid and solid particles and certain gases released into the air. So, when it rains, the water droplets get mixed with particles of dust, gas, and other pollutants. Therefore, the rain makes the windows filthy.

Another reason windows may get dirty is from atmospheric pollution. Although window glass helps keep out dust, pollen and other contaminants, it can easily accumulate dirt, making the maintenance process much harder. If the dirt is there when it rains, then the rain will make them even dirtier, making the windows look even worse. The situation is much worse in cities that are more industrialised. When combined with air, the particles create smog, which looks like smoky fog, making seeing quite difficult. That is why windows are way dirtier in cities when compared to the areas of countryside.

As above mentioned, air and atmospheric pollution affects different environments differently. City air is more polluted than country air because there are more cars and factories around and it takes less time for the air to become polluted. If you live in a city and have ever looked out the window after it rained, you’ve probably noticed that your windows are most likely dirty. In the UK, although relatively rare, red rain (also known as blood rain) is another factor which causes dirtiness in windows from time to time. This type of rain happens when dust from the Sahara Desert mixes with rain, but you needn’t worry about this one, as we said, it’s rare. And above all, cleaning shouldn’t be challenging, as long as no damage is done. If damaged, make sure to contact MPM.

No one likes to see their pristine and recently cleaned windows become dirty again after rain. Although rain is considered a natural cleanser, the droplets that form on a window often contain dirt and other particles from atmospheric pollution, causing windows to get dirty. But, after all, windows get dirty or sometimes even damaged. The good news is that you can always make it better, alone or with professional assistance.

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