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In our planned maintenance service, we carry out a regular regime of cleaning, lubricating, checking, and adjusting the aluminum curtain wall systems, windows, doors, and rain-screen cladding. This service is necessary to maintain a smooth operation of all moving parts and, via timely intervention, to reduce the need for reactive maintenance call outs. The MPM planned maintenance is ideal for bringing components up to an agreed, acceptable standard or for carrying out work of a more specialist nature.

Different components require different levels of attention; therefore, we recommend a twice-yearly service. This service is payable either monthly or yearly in advance and all details of the requirements are clearly set out in a Service Level Agreement.

Since windows and doors are no different to any other product with moving parts, it is important to set regular servicing to keep it in a good working condition. All the products work better and for longer if they are regularly maintained.

Our planned maintenance plan includes, but is not limited to:

  • Repairs
  • Parts replacement
  • Component cleaning
  • Debris and corrosion
  • Color change etc.


It is offered to:

    • Single residences
    • Whole buildings

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