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Reactive Maintenance

Do you have an immediate need to replace or repair a component in your windows/doors?

Have any issues occurred that are preventing them from functioning as usual? If yes, then you need our reactive maintenance plan. Regardless of how well manufactured and installed your windows/doors are, they can always be prone to malfunctioning. This could be caused by an incorrect operation, tenant abuse, or simply product failure. In some instances, the repair could be an emergency: the security of the property may be compromised or there may be a health/safety risk. Other issues that might be urgent involve situations where not responding to the problem is causing further damage to the property. Some issues might not be urgent but still need repairing as they seem difficult to operate with.

MPM’s fully trained and certified engineers’ response is immediate, and it is characterized by a full-support approach. We will take care of every minor or major issue with a high-efficiency rate and at a relatively lower cost. Our professional mobile teams operating throughout London are equipped with numerous stock components and tools to tackle many issues on a reactive callout. If there is the need to procure components, our team will identify, source, and deliver them at a time convenient for you. Being part of a large construction services group enables us to purchase components at the best possible rates, giving you the chance to benefit from our low-cost services.

We can arrange for even the most complicated of repairs and where necessary employ other specialists to provide specialist access and care.

Emergency Response

There are problems where either personal safety or security would be at risk if they are not dealt with immediately. We take your safety and security very seriously, and therefore our team of professionals will be there immediately should your problem be of an emergency level.

Urgent Response

This level is for repairs where further property damage may occur or use of a facility may be compromised if not dealt with promptly.

Non-urgent response

This is for less urgent repairs that may be dealt with over one or more consecutive days.

Get in touch with our team today and learn more about our planned maintenance.

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