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Technology we use

MPM’s ongoing investment policy and innovative approach in the maintenance services has enabled us to adapt to the evolving needs of the market and meet the requirements of our growing customer base. An annually updated company strategy has seen investment in equipment that maximise work efficiency.  We are completely focused on delivering projects of high quality and meet all our criteria regarding the innovation, best value, and energy efficiency.

For day-to-day work, most of our tools are those associated with light engineering like drills, files, rivet guns etc.


At the upper end, our manufacturing includes the very latest:

  •  Computer-aided design
  • CNC machinery

On site, our work is carried out with the assistance of various mechanical aids including spider cranes fitted with vacuum glass suckers, and mobile elevated platforms such as scissor lifts and cherry pickers.


When choosing to work with us you choose:

An experienced and stable company

A dedicated team of skilled engineers

140 years of tradition and excellence

Expert and professional knowledge

A company who prioritizes safety of its clients and staff

A friendly customer service

An environmentally friendly company

Health and Safety

The high-quality solutions provided to our clients and the professional approach to every issue they face make us unique in the market.

Our team has been active in the façade industry for many years and we always make sure to have a well-prepared, qualified team to deal with our clients. Many of our employees hold SMSTS/SSSTS, PASMA and IPAF certificates to ensure the correct operatives attend the correct project.

RAMS and regular team briefings are an integral part of our safety management regime.

Response to COVID-19 -> At MPM, the health and safety of our staff and clients come first.

As a company, we have made sure to strictly follow the government and WHO’s guidelines and recommendations to tackle this global health emergency. In response to Coronavirus, we have started implementing policies and practices in the workplace to protect our employees and clients.

All staff were encouraged to social distance and wear masks when applicable, while we made sure to improve the ventilation system of the building.

While many office workers were encouraged to work from home, MPM ensured a redefinition of models for teamwork and collaborating effectively while working remotely. Our approach during these challenging times focused on building a more flexible way of working that supported our employees in their daily work and life.